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THE PROGRAM   //                                                                                  //   ABOUT DR. JOHNSON   //   CONTACT   //   ACCOUNT LOGIN


I’m pleased to announce to you the launch of my digital training platform, ConfidenceU.

This has been a program years in the making. Whether you are ready to become a speaker, author or coach or if you are ready to develop the confidence to become a world-class leader and achieve more than you ever imagined possible, I’ve created this system just for you. Inside these pages and pixels, you will discover Three Pillars of Success to excel in your field. I have seen athletes, artists, politicians and pastors complete this course and take their mountain for the Kingdom, sharing in the success for their good and God’s glory.

As you’ve heard me say, there isn’t a key to achieve success, it’s an entire combination. Discover and deploy the correct combination in ConfidenceU. See you on the other side.



Dr. J is personally inviting you on a journey to HAVE more, DO more and BE more. Here’s what you can expect:

No expiration date to your success. You’ll receive lifetime membership access to ConfidenceU.

Discover over 20 programs and course materials to accelerate your success.

You will receive all new training programs before the general public, including exclusive content.

No daunting deadlines. Courses are designed to be completed at your own pace.



Over the last 25 years, Dr. Keith Johnson has personally coached thousands of elite achievers toward fulfilling their God-given destiny.

Here’s what we know to be true. There are three pillars that contribute to the foundation of your success. Missing any one of these, pushes your potential just out of reach.

Pillar #1 is Confidence. Hebrews 10:35 says, “ not toss your confidence away, in it is great reward.” You need to know how to develop, keep and give away confidence, because confidence is the currency for your journey.

Pillar #2 is Leadership. Leadership is the ability to get others to buy into your vision for the future and make it happen. People are truly the shortcut to your success.




 //  C O N F I D E N C E  //

Don’t be deceived by these five common misconceptions about change. These deadly myths will slow down and hinder your transformation. But if you recognize and rid yourself of them, you will be empowered to make lasting change for yourself and those around you.




Enrollment Costs

Tuition for Confidence University is $10,599.00 

There are two payment options:

Option 1: One-Time Payment                                 

$899.00 Due before the program starts. 

Option 2: Payment Plan                                         

$89.00 Per month for 12 months.




Join an exclusive community of high achievers in a private Facebook Group.

Transfer your completion of ConfidenceU toward a Bachelors, Masters or Doctorate through Destiny College.

Learn how to expand your personal economy through confidence.

Build a team to translate your dream into a reality.

Follow a proven path to eliminate debt and truly begin to build generational wealth.

Pillar #3 is Living Wealthy. What is your plan to create and multiply wealth? Average is a failing formula. Follow the exact plan Dr. J has implemented to create a wealthy lifestyle for not only himself, but many of his closest clients as well.

Discover a world-class training system to catapult you into your destiny.  Are you ready?

Dr. Keith Johnson




If you were more confident, how would your life be different? Would earn more money? Have more quality friends? Make a bigger difference? From the principles behind his best-selling book by the same name, Dr. Keith Johnson coaches you through a 30-day journey designed to empower you to fulfill your purpose, reach your potential and achieve your God-designed destiny.

What is stopping me from reaching the next level?  What are the steps to achieving financial increase? How do I eliminate stress to feel fully alive? Is it possible to reverse the negative cycles in my life? Learn proven solutions to finally experience the success you deserve in each of these circumstances.


We believe you do not determine your future; you determine your daily habits, and your daily habits ultimately determine your future. Successful people do daily what unsuccessful people do occasionally. This course builds the discipline necessary to achieve your highest potential.

Without being able to identify the enemies of confidence, you’re vulnerable to experiencing inconsistent successes in every area of your life. Determine and destroy these Top 10 Confidence Robbers in your life.

Studies have shown that consuming positive and messages during the first 20 minutes of your day can increase your productivity up to 37%. Similarly, psychologists believe that for every 10 minutes of negativity spoken directly to you, you need to hear up to 100 minutes of positivity to erase the residue of negativity from your subconscious. Use this program daily to frame your day from a place of confidence.




 //  W E A L T H  //

Just as your IQ is an indicator of your academic potential, your WQ is an indicator of your current ability to create, keep and multiply wealth. This course will place you on an accelerated path to create the wealth necessary to accomplish your God-given dreams.


If you were more confident, how would your life be different? Would earn more money? Have more quality friends? Make a bigger difference? From the principles behind his best-selling book by the same name, Dr. Keith Johnson coaches you through a 30-day journey designed to empower you to fulfill your purpose, reach your potential and achieve your God-designed destiny.

Throughout history, many of the world’s most prominent billionaires have attributed their success to this ancient principle. Unleash the Power of Ten to position yourself to access all of God’s resources intended for you.

When struggling to get traction toward our financial future, the first thing many notice is that after meeting all of our financial obligations, there isn’t enough money left to build real wealth. Dr. J shares a simple technique to accelerate you on your journey.

Your financial success is determined by your ability to master money, instead of money mastering you. This five part series will ensure you have the tools to accumulate the necessary resources to fulfill your highest potential in the area of finance.

Did you know there is a strategic path to take you from employee to entrepreneur? Studies have shown that 70% of all millionaires are employed in a company they do not own, and two-thirds of millionaires are self-employed. With this course you will learn how to position yourself to go from promotion to prosperity on the Entrepreneurial Mountain.






The program is built on three main focus categories:

 //  C O N F I D E N C E  //  W E A L T H  //  L E A D E R S H I P  //

Do you know the average millionaire has seven streams of income? It’s no coincidence. Multiple revenue streams create one powerful flow to finance a life of abundance. Discover the steps required to create seven opportunities for seven figures.


Do you often find yourself making sense of less? Has culture convinced you that poverty is the path to Godly humility? Are you ready to get clear and get confident on what the Bible really says about wealth? Join Dr. J as he walks you through scripture with the top 25 Reasons You Need Money.


Do you know there are only five major ways to become a millionaire? No matter your background or where you find yourself today, you can learn to master one of these five mountains to create wealth for not only yourself, but for generations to come.


Our coaching clients are often told to measure what matters. The Living Wealthy Profile was specifically designed to identify which areas of your Wealth Quotient need to be increased to achieve your destiny. An invaluable tool you will want to use for evaluation as you continue in your wealth creation journey.


Recorded during a special book launch event for Dr. J’s acclaimed title “Confidence for Living Wealthy,” From eleven of today’s foremost speakers on the subject, hear the inspirational, yet practical message of wealth creation for the Kingdom-minded leader.


Internationally Acclaimed Confidence Coach and best-selling author, Dr. Keith Johnson, pulls back the curtain for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into his coaching business and reveals how you can quickly launch your own six-figure plus coaching empire.


Surveys have shown that 81% of people believe they have a book they want to write! In this two day bootcamp Amazon best-selling author Dr. Keith Johnson and marketing architect Martijn Van Tilborgh coach would-be authors through the process of putting your pain to paper and profiting from your passion.


 //  L E A D E R S H I P  //

Did you know that in each and every one of us is the seed to lead? In the garden of Eden humanity was given the declaration to take dominion over the planet and to subdue it. But just like a garden, if you don’t know you, you can’t grow you. This live experience was created to awaken the leader inside of you!



The LQ or Leadership Quotient is measurement indicating your ability to positively impact others to achieve your goals, vision, and mission. The LQ Solution empowers you to breakthrough limiting mindsets hindering you from living a life of success, significance, and greater impact.

Being a Leader of Destiny is a commitment to move from a leader of history to a leader of destiny. But it takes a skilled coach to help you develop the three necessary steps toward that end. Join Dr. J as he coaches you to finally Get Clear, Get Focused, and Get Moving.


Difficulty is the curriculum God is using to accelerate your success. In this course, you will discover how crisis places us into a process to position us for promotion. Your responsibility is to make sure you never let a good crisis go to waste.


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