OCTOBER 5-6, 2017

Grand Hyatt Regency, Tampa, Florida

Get Your Momentum Back! It’s Time to Accelerate!

The tortoise and the hare. You know the fable—how slow and steady wins the race? Right? Wrong! Yes, you need persistence, but fast and steady will always beat slow and steady. 

Learn how to be the tortoise AND the hare!

Register for the Accelerate Coaching Experience today and start running laps around the tortoises in your space, dominate your market, and get WEALTHY.







Normal price: $397 per person


Dr. Keith Johnson, America's #1 Confidence Coach

Dr. J will be launching and sharing insights from his new book, Confidence for Living Wealthy—Get Unstuck, Break Through Limitations, Live in Abundance.

John P. Kelly

The main guest speaker is Keith Johnson's spiritual father and coach, John P. Kelly, president of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders worldwide. His main gift is helping successful ministry and marketplace leaders know what they need to do next to break through to the next higher level and how to get the resources necessary to make their dream a reality.

More Speakers will be added soon...


Thursday, October 5 

8:00am - 9:00am | Welcome Breakfast
9:00am - 9:00pm | Conference Sessions

Friday, October 6 

8:00am - 9:00am | Welcome Breakfast
9:00am - 4:00pm | Conference Sessions
6:00pm - 9:00pm | 50th Birthday, 25 Years of Marriage and Ministry Celebration for Dr. Keith and Bonnie Johnson with Surprise Celebrity Guest Speaker



2900 Bayport Drive, Tampa, FL  33607 USA
+1 813 874 1234 (Telephone)

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Tampa International Airport

Transportation to and from the airport is easy and complimentary (see courtesy phones, baggage claim area).  Grand Hyatt Tampa Bay is only a 5-7-minute/2.2 mile ride from Tampa International Airport.  Supplemental transportation is available on a per person fee. Uber/lyft and taxi is available for $5-$15. 

For attendees who will be driving in, self-parking is available in our 4 level structure on a complimentary basis.  $8 is the per day fee for valet parking and $15 is the fee for overnight parking. Oversized vehicles requiring clearance of more than 6’6” can use our open parking lot adjacent to the parking structure.

Bonnie Johnson
Inner Transformational Specialist 

Bonnie Johnson has a heart and proven experience to hear and share divine spiritual and futuristic insights from God in a compassionate way.

Martijn van Tilborgh
Marketing Architect, Speaker, Author, Serial Entrepreneur

Martijn is a strategic marketing architect and consultant for many mega ministries, large organizations, and well known individuals. He specializes in helping you monetize your brand, books, and products. He is a million-dollar product launch producer.

Elin Riegel
International Chamber of Christian Commerce

Dr. Elin was raised by a very successful multi-million dollar entrepreneurial family and has insights on how to successfully build organizations and increase your wealth to build your dream and leave a lasting legacy.

Bob Harrison
America’s #1 Increase Authority

Dr. Harrison has sold over one million audio programs on "Increase Thinking."  He is a best-selling author and noted seminar/event speaker who has shared at conferences and to television audiences worldwide. For over twenty years he has taught at some of the largest success seminars in America.

John Polis
Founder of Faith Church International

John Polis is the founding Pastor of Faith International Church. His message on the Elijiah Principle will give you the strategies on how to supernaturally accelerate your influence, impact, and income.

Rebecca Polis
Founder of Faith Church International

Rebecca Polis is a prophetic teacher both on the local and International scene. Her "Outgrow Your Current Problem" message will inspire you to begin the journey of becoming a world-class person and leader.

Omar Periu
Best-Selling Author of Zero to Wealth

Omar Periu came to the United States at age seven after fleeing Cuba with his family. By age thirtyone, he owned a chain of profitable health clubs and sports medicine facilities. Now, he is a multimillionaire, author, and a powerful inspirational speaker.


Do you feel like your life, business, or ministry is moving at a snail’s pace? Are you wishing positive results would speed up?

Are you working really hard but it seems like you are not gaining any ground? Feeling stuck?

Do you have big God dreams for your future that sometime seem to be fantasies and others think you’re crazy?

I know how you feel! 

I felt the same way on March 16, 2002. I wanted and needed things to change in my life, but I was clueless about where and how to begin. I had a big dream of speaking to one million leaders, and people told me I was crazy. Life was going good but I knew it could be going GREAT. 

My life and organization quickly shifted and grew when I realized I needed three very important things: 

  1. I needed a World-Class Coach to help me produce next-level results. 
  2. I needed to surround myself with “big thinking” people. 
  3. I needed a successful, proven plan of execution. 

Have you ever heard the saying, “There are no shortcuts to success!” Do you believe it? Well, this statement is totally WRONG! Coaching and “big thinking” relationships are the shortcuts you need to experience the success you desire—quicker and faster than you have ever imagined. 

Most Christian leaders surround themselves with “small thinking” people who have simply not achieved as much in life as they had planned. This is why I created the Accelerate Conference. I’m gathering all my highly successful friends in one place to hear what other leaders are learning and implementing to become more successful. I’m creating a place where you can spend time connecting and developing relationships with other like-minded leaders who are hungry to go to the next level and beyond—like you. This conference will be attended by a billionaire marketplace producer as well as mega-church pastors and other top-level men and women. 

Your BRILLIANCE is waiting to shine. All you may need is one DECISIVE relationship, a voice of ENCOURAGEMENT, and practical, how-to WISDOM to get from where you are—to where you really want to be. 

This is more than just another seminar! It’s an EXPERIENCE designed as a high-level, power-packed transformational coaching session, taking home: 

  • a confident direction in what steps to take next 
  • critical knowledge of plans and approaches 
  • strategies to secure the resources needed to achieve your destiny 

Discover the Power of Coaching

When I dreamt of having my first book published by a major publisher, I sent my manuscript to 30 publishers. How many rejections did I receive? 30! I was frustrated and wanted to quit, but instead I got smart and hired two world-class coaches/consultants: Guinness record holders for the most books sold, Mark Victor Hanson and Jack Canfield, co-authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. They gave me the right mental attitude, knowledge, and proper execution plan to become a best-selling author. 

Then I sent my manuscript to two more publishers and guess what? Both publishers wanted to publish my book and actually fought over it. Mark and Jack helped accelerate my learning curve. What could have taken me ten years of trial and error to learn, I learned in a few days. They helped me get RESULTS faster and quicker than what I could have ever done on my own. The power of coaching changed my life and will quickly change yours too!

Give me 2 days and I will give you both the coaching and the strategies I used to break the cycles of frustration, failure, and debt off my life. 

My team of expert speakers, consultants, coaches and best-selling authors will help you create the momentum to get the breakthroughs you need to achieve the abundant life you deserve and demand.  

The next decade of your life can be the best years! Ten years ago, all I had was a small laptop computer and a BIG dream. Today, I am living the life of my dreams. Listen, all you need is a laptop and a huge dream from God and we can show you how to turn those dreams into reality. 

You will discover:

  • The Formula for Success and Achievement 
  • How to unleash power to get wealth
  • How to become a best-selling author and international speaker
  • How to create a new definition of yourself
  • The difference between how the poor, middle-class, and rich think 
  • How to bulletproof your mind against recession
  • How to reprogram your mind for high-performance living 
  • 5 proven keys to increase your business profits
  • The #1 mistake people make when eliminating debt
  • 3 shortcuts to success
  • The four cycles of money
  • How to obtain resources to fulfill your God-given dream

The principles of acceleration to win the race: the right coach, the right relationships, the right knowledge, and the right execution plan is all you need to fast-track your success.


OCTOBER 5-6, 2017

Grand Hyatt Regency, Tampa, Florida

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